NSSP and BioSense Platform Reports

CDC's Implementation Plan Report

High level report from CDC that summarizes the work completed in regards to the CDC Implementation Plan for ESSENCE/SAS and the status of expected future work.

NSSP Technical Update

Provided by CDC and its contractors to give a high level overview of the work that was completed that week relating to NSSP and BioSense development.

BioSense Development Jira Summary

Developed by ASTHO that provides an overview of specific NSSP and BioSense-related tickets in CDC’s Jira system. The report contains a breakdown of each ticket that was worked on during the month except jurisdiction-specific tickets and administrative tickets.

Functional Priority Areas

A high level report created by the BioSense Governance Group that shows the work being done across associations/agencies that address the functional priority areas that were prioritized in February 2015.

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